Our Why



It's about dynamic disruption.

Noticing where systems exist that don’t offer opportunities for worthy makers, especially women, and finding a way to disrupt that situation.

I am committed to helping hundreds of beautiful makers share their light through hand made candles and offer the opportunity for you to discover a maker you would never have been able to find otherwise. I’m working behind the scenes with makers from all over the country to prepare for them to launch in this cdb “candle discovery box”.

Why? Creating luxury eco-candles since 2009 was a dream come true but there’s always been something missing for me. I tried every aspect of making and selling, searching for the moment it would feel aligned with my purpose. Objects with purpose had to be more than a candle brand. I realize now, it took over a decade for this to come to light, that my purpose is to help other women candle makers share their light! It all started with the generous and incredibly gifted makers I had the honor of mentoring…

Camille Leonard of BornIndigo,

Seiji Yamaguchi of Seiji Collection

& Jen Luana of Jenluana.com.

Seeing these dynamic, purposeful women share their light was a thousand times more impactful to my heart and soul than selling my own.

A common theme that’s come up in our conversations with these extraordinary makers is that candles have been the vehicle for calming the nervous system and managing stress. The women represented in the candle discovery box have all found comfort in creating candles for this purpose. Many of them launched their businesses during the pandemic. I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to share their stories and lovingly crafted candles with you. 

Here’s where YOU come in.

Subscribe so you can be part of this movement to support women makers, have glorious candles and gifts to enjoy or give, and get to know them through their beautiful stories.

I am curating the boxes so the value exceeds your expectations and allows the candle queens to share their light with the world